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Due to lack of supply, we are currently out of bison meat. Please check back in 2012 for an update.

Sampler Pack- $220
includes 2 Rib Eye Steaks, 2 Tenderloin,
2 New York, 1 Roast, 15 lbs burger
order from the form below

Our bison meat is available by the quarter, half or whole animal. It's harvested from grass-fed yearling bison, and this lean, tender, all-natural meat is inspected, professionally processed, packaged & frozen, and available for pickup in the Bozeman area, or can be shipped via air freight. The cost is $7.50/lb (shipping additional). Quarter bison will yield 70#-85# of processed meat. Half bison will yield approximately 115# - 140# of processed meat.

To place an order, please fill out our online order form below, e-mail us, call
toll free 800-495-0221, or local
(406) 585-9051.

Listed below is a sample of the cuts you
could expect from 1/2 of a yearling bison.

New York Steak 10
Filet 6
Sirloin 4
Sirloin Tip 6
Rib Eye Steak 10
Round Steak 8
Chuck Roast 2
Arm Roast 1
Rump Roast 2
Short Ribs 3
Brisket 1/2
Flank 1
Burger 54

This is a representative sample. Obviously, there will be some variation in weight between animals.

Meat orders require a $250 deposit, with the balance due prior to shipping, after final weight and freight charges have been calculated. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and of course checks or money orders. Don't include your credit card number on the form below. We will contact you for that information. If you wish to print out an order form and mail it to us with the deposit, click here for our printer-friendly meat order form.




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