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Due to lack of supply, we are currently out of bison meat. Please check back in 2012 for an update.


Bison were once the primary protein source for most of North America, and here at Montana Buffalo Meat we’re working toward that goal again by making all-natural, grass-fed bison available at affordable prices. This pure meat from free-ranging bison is so good, it’s habit forming! Your body will tell you you’re putting something natural and healthy in the fuel tank, and perhaps better than that, you’re helping re-establish a species that fills a vital niche in the ecosystem of the Great Plains.


Will Primos, founder of Primos Game Calls; "People that know me know that I eat healthy, and my favorite meat is bison. It has more protein than beef and less cholesterol than chicken, and is high in Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids.
I’ve known the folks that run montanabuffalomeat.com for 11 years. They are the type of people you want as friends. You can trust them to ship you the finest protein there is."

reat yourself to some Real Meat! We're now offering the finest Montana grass-fed bison meat at affordable prices. This all-natural, lean, tender and delicious meat is inspected, professionally processed, packaged & frozen, and available for pickup in the Bozeman area, or can be shipped via air freight. Steaks, roasts, and burger from our prime quality yearling bison are not only fantastically tender and flavorful, their health benefits are rivaled only by the ecological advantages of North America's native cattle, the buffalo.


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